The Mission

Celebrating and supporting fathers by equipping them with the tools and resources
to lead successful families.

The Vision

To cultivate a strong community of Fathers who will create positive parenting cycles. 

Birthright Living Legacy was created to connect fathers through community events and workshops designed to improve parent-child relationships. In addition to these services, Birthright Living Legacy also provides support and counseling to fathers while we create a strong community of fathers dedicated to breaking negative parenting cycles.

Who We Intend To Reach

Birthright Living Legacy became a vision from personal experiences shared between fathers of many walks of life. From young fathers enduring their own struggles while trying to navigate manhood to seasoned fathers who are patriarchs in their families. 

We recognize there is no blueprint for raising children. Our goal is to cultivate relationships between men as well as encourage them to make a positive impact in fatherhood.


What We Offer

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We are on a mission to bring Fathers and their children closer together through education, activities and events. Any monetary donation that we receive will be used to help bring these services and activities to life. Please join us as we build on our vision and expand to new communities across the nation.


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