The mission of Birthright Living Legacy is to validate the position of the father within the family unit. By providing programs to foster improved communication, enhanced connectivity and encouraging community involvement.


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We are seeking vendors, food, drink and monetary donations for our Park Crawls and other upcoming community events.


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We need people interested in teaching hobbies and skills to fathers during our workshops and programs.


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We would love your support as we continue connecting with fathers in our growing community that are willing to share their life lessons and experiences in fatherhood.

We need your help to impact our communities and give fathers the tools to remain valuable!

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3939 S Harvard Ave, Suite 235 

Tulsa, OK 74135

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How Can I Donate to Future Living Legacy Centers?

We hope to build Living Legacy Centers worldwide. This will take several resources to sustain the operations, logistics, and staff.

Birthright Living Legacy believes that no matter how healthy a relationship is, communication is essential and can continually be improved. Therefore each area of our building will be provided with a facilitator to implement healthy communication and positive attitudes between fathers and their children.

We will offer game days so our fathers and children can enjoy their favorite sports as they play against each other while learning good team spirit and competitiveness. Our goal is to provide a gym to promote healthy lifestyles and assist in weight loss plans, strength-building programs, endurance training and more. 

We plan to have a full kitchen to help families with meal plans according to specific diets such as Keto, powerlifting, marathon running and more. Cooking classes will also encourage bonding between parent and child as they learn how to make healthy food.

An essential part of these facilities would be providing “Family and Children” services. This would consist of having certified counselors present for counseling services and having a legal representative in office for providing legal counsel and representation when possible. For fathers in the “Supervised Visits” category, this will be a safe place that can fulfill the court-ordered requirements for a father to enjoy supervised visitation without having to pay for a court-ordered chaperone. 

Ultimately, we desire to have a facility that is a safe place for Fathers to be celebrated as a man and Father and learn how to build healthy, long-lasting relationships with their children. 

Please reach out to us at 918-922-9445 or contact us if you are interested in offering your services or donations to fulfill our goal to equip Fathers with all of the tools necessary to remain impactful and valuable members of the family unit.