Building Visits

Birthright Living Legacy provides safe visitation options for fathers that are wanting to connect with their children. When a father arrives at our facilities with his child or children, they will be greeted and ushered to a 5-10 minute communication course consisting of a live show, movie, or interactive game to help develop better communication lines. We believe that no matter how healthy a relationship is, communication is essential and can continuously be improved.

Excellent Options for Visitation Times

Guests to Birthright Living Legacy’s facilities will have options for how long they will need. For example, some fathers may need 30 minutes, while others may require up to two hours within a safe environment. After a time selection, fathers will have options to participate in fun activities like playing with Legos, painting and coloring. For fathers with daughters, dress-up and nail painting will also be available

For fathers who fall into a “supervised visit” category, Birthright Living Legacy provides a safe place that can accommodate court-ordered facilities that allow a father to see his children. We hope that these facilities will enable a father to avoid paying for a court-ordered chaperone when visiting their child or children with continued growth.


Fathers on Supervised Visits

For those fathers that fall into the supervised visit category this will be a safe place that can provide court ordered facilities for a father to see their child. This building will allow for a father to not have to pay for a court ordered chaperone. 

Onsite Counselors

 An important part of these facilities would be providing “family and children services” to be present if needed. This would also consist of having a certified counselors present for counseling services.